The video (after the ‘leap’) is a little long winded so I’ll give you the quick low down.  This is a Dual Display E-book Reader.  To change pages just simply move one of the screens as you would with a book or magazine.  You can also fold the screens back-to-back and then depending on the flipping direction it will either navigate forward or backward in the document.  The Dual Display E-Book Reader’s screens can also be detached from one and other for individual viewing and rotated in landscape mood to better suit the content ‘at hand’.  Once the screens are rejoined the device will show the master displays image in both displays accordingly.

Keep in mind that this is a prototype.  I too noticed that the screens are a little small and the supposed trackballs look a little cumbersome, but if this thing makes it to market I’d expect a more highly polished version (duh).  Furthermore, I don’t like the idea of opening and closing the whole ‘book’ to flip pages.  Perhaps a thin translucent film in between the screens would be better suited or a touch strip at the top of the reader to mimic the good old ‘lick and drag the page move’.

Check the video after the ‘leap’

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