Monthly Archives: June 2008

Sony Rolls Out Movie Downloads


Sometime this summer, US gamers will be able to download movies via their Playstation 3.  Europe and Japan will get the service at ‘later dates’. Wait, isn’t the PS3 made in Japan.  Shouldn’t they be getting it first or at the same time, or do the Japanese have too many...


An Inexpensive Solid State Drive


How so you ask?  Sans Digital has crafted a drive that holds two compact flash cards that act as one solid state hard drive.   The CompactRAID CR2T is compatible with all ‘hard drive slot of laptops, industrial PCs (IPC), small form factor computers, and 2.5” hard drive enclosures.’  It measures...


Prototype Dual Display E-Book Reader (video)


The video (after the ‘leap’) is a little long winded so I’ll give you the quick low down.  This is a Dual Display E-book Reader.  To change pages just simply move one of the screens as you would with a book or magazine.  You can also fold the screens back-to-back...


Mitsubishi Laser TV Details Revealed


To say ‘laser TVs’ are new to the market is an understatement.  Everything today is LCD this, or Plasma that.  Although Mitsubishi’s Laservue TV will run 10-inches thick, it will produce eye popping colors (twice the amount of colors) and be 3D (yes, three dimensional) out of the box!  The...


Helio Sells Out To Virgin Mobile


After a long hard battle Helio is finally closing its doors.  Ok, they aren’t closing their doors as much as they’re being bought by Virgin Mobile (price unknown).  Virgin Mobile and Helio both operate on Sprint’s network, otherwise known as MVNOs, or Mobile Virtual Network Operators.  To Gizmodo’s point, their...


Blackberry Bold Launch Date Delayed


According to BGR, the Blackberry Bold’s launch date will now be delayed until August of this year.  Something to do with software issues with battery life and overheating – no more exploding batteries please. At the end of the day it won’t really matter.  If people get their Crackberry fix...

American Airlines To Test In Flight WiFi Tomorrow


Starting tomorrow American Airlines will test their in flight WiFi service on a randomly chosen flight from JFK to LAX.  The service, called Gogo will cost folks $13 for flights longer then 3 hours and $10 for anything shorter, but tomorrow’s test will be free. As originally reported, customer’s should...


Sharp 108-inch TV Up For Sale


I want one, I want one (like the nagging little kid).  Sharp is selling their 108-inch TV.  How much you ask?  Just a mere $185,000 (yes, that’s 3 zeros)!  Currently, it’s being sold in Europe and has a 16 week waiting period.  The Sharp LB-1085 108-incher weighs 430lbs and displays...


JVC Get’s On Board With Dual iPod Docking Station


JVC announced the NX-PN7, otherwise known as a ‘Dual iPod Docking Station’.  For $150 you can dock two iPods and charge them simultaneously.  There’s also an AM/FM tuner, a clock and timer and a remote.  You can also plug the JVC NX-PN7 into a tv and watch your downloaded video...


3D Capturing Handsets


3D films, images and video games maybe a thing of ‘sooner than later’ thanks to an Indian company called Infosys.  For now, they’ve developed and patented a technology that can take 2D images, and through an algorithm, create 3D images.  This means that complex and data heavy 3D images can...