Daily Archives: June 26, 2008


California Opens First Hydrogen Fueling Station


California opened its first Hydrogen refueling station today.  It’s located on Santa Monica Blvd just West of the 405 highway.  To make it economically viable – for the station that is – the station also offers conventional gasoline.  Hydrogen production will be done on site using electrolysis and stored in...


iPhone MMS Rumor Surfaces


Why the hell is it ‘breaking news’ that the 3G iPhone might have MMS capabilities.  Shit, here I am writing about it.  In any case, I wouldn’t even bother with MMS since I can email for free.  Also if I do need someone to look at a pic, I’ll call...

Sony Rolls Out Movie Downloads


Sometime this summer, US gamers will be able to download movies via their Playstation 3.  Europe and Japan will get the service at ‘later dates’. Wait, isn’t the PS3 made in Japan.  Shouldn’t they be getting it first or at the same time, or do the Japanese have too many...


An Inexpensive Solid State Drive


How so you ask?  Sans Digital has crafted a drive that holds two compact flash cards that act as one solid state hard drive.   The CompactRAID CR2T is compatible with all ‘hard drive slot of laptops, industrial PCs (IPC), small form factor computers, and 2.5” hard drive enclosures.’  It measures...


Prototype Dual Display E-Book Reader (video)


The video (after the ‘leap’) is a little long winded so I’ll give you the quick low down.  This is a Dual Display E-book Reader.  To change pages just simply move one of the screens as you would with a book or magazine.  You can also fold the screens back-to-back...