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JVC Get’s On Board With Dual iPod Docking Station


JVC announced the NX-PN7, otherwise known as a ‘Dual iPod Docking Station’.  For $150 you can dock two iPods and charge them simultaneously.  There’s also an AM/FM tuner, a clock and timer and a remote.  You can also plug the JVC NX-PN7 into a tv and watch your downloaded video...


3D Capturing Handsets


3D films, images and video games maybe a thing of ‘sooner than later’ thanks to an Indian company called Infosys.  For now, they’ve developed and patented a technology that can take 2D images, and through an algorithm, create 3D images.  This means that complex and data heavy 3D images can...

b-membrane computer and projector

A Computer With A Built-in Projector


This concept is brought to you by designer Won-Seok Lee.  The ‘B-membrane’ design is a projector with a built-in computer and touchscreen like keyboard that only appears upon contact.  Also included in the design is a disc drive, but it seems to lack a ‘mouse’ of any type.  It looks...


Walking Laptop

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This piece of ‘kit’ (as the English say) isn’t super innovative, but perhaps resolves the everyday working man’s problem.  The harness, or the ‘connect-a-desk laoptop holder’ attaches to your laptop and slips over your head allowing you to stand, walk and type all at the same time. Available here for...

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