Daily Archives: June 19, 2008


WiMax Hits The Streets In September


There isn’t a ton to tell here, but WiMax, from Sprint, will be available for public use starting September 2008.  Unfortunately, it will only be available in the Baltimore area (why there, I don’t know) and hit Washington D.C and Chicago by the end of the year. [TheRegister]...


Chevy Volt Price Announced


Chevy finally got on board with the whole hybrid/electric car thing and built the Chevy Volt (Chevy actually has an all electric golf cart that is road legal on streets 30MPH or slower).  Today, Bob Lutz, Chevy’s CEO, revealed the actual price of the new Volt.  He originally said it...


Dual Touch Screen Laptop, Say What!?


The Dual Touschreen Laptop, or more officially known as the Prezenter PSR, isn’t intended for the general public.  No, it’s designed for harassing the working stiffs.  Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but this dual touchscreen computer is designed to facilitate on the move sales folks who don’t have the luxury...

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