Daily Archives: June 18, 2008


Supreme Edition Adult Darth Vader Costume


I don’t even think ‘die hard’ does justice.  Available at Buy.com is the Supreme Edition Adult Darth Vader Costume.  Price?  Well, it shouldn’t be a factor for those ultimate fans, but in case you wondering about the lunacy involved, you can pick it up for $680 – and that’s down...


Sprint Instinct Now Set To Debut at $130


Originally the Sprint Samsung Instinct was set to be $199 after mail-in-rebates, etc.  Now, Sprint, the scrappers that they are, and after the 3G iPhone was announced at $199 for the 8GB model, they’ve decided to drop the price an additional $70.  The Sprint Instinct will be available June 20th...


iPhone Running Windows XP, YES Windows!


This is pretty scary, or is it?  Citrix demonstrated how its thin client desktop software, XenDesktop, could run Windows XP.  Ok, I’ll come clean, it isn’t actually running Windows XP natively but rather accessing it via a UNIX application that enables devices to access Windows sessions on a Citrix server...

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