Daily Archives: June 17, 2008


Garmin Nuvifone Slightly Tested


The guys at Laptopmag got a hands on with the Garmin Nuvifone.  What did they think?  They loved the UI and thought the phone was pretty solid.  GPS and Internet connectivity weren’t yet hooked up and the phone crashed when launching the camera – so those have yet to be...


United Airlines To Add iPod, iPhone, etc Integration


Sorry folks, this is for first and biz class passengers only.  Passengers will be able to sit down and plug their device into the the preexisting United Airlines entertainment system.  The first aircraft equipped with iPod and iPhone connectivity left Washington DC to Zurich yesterday.  United plans to upgrade all...


Sony Ericsson Introl F305 Gaming Phone


The Sony Ericsson F305 is essentially a Wii meets slider cell phone.  Course, I don’t know if it performs to the same standards that Nintendo has achieved, but a ‘flick of a wrist or a swing of an arm’ and the results are seen on screen.  Some example games sited...