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iPhone Dock Projector from Honlai


Ok, so no one knows, or probably cares, at least until today, who Honlai is, but an iPhone projector?  Really?  Seriously?  I am totally game if it can display video, but if the dock connector only allows for pictures to be displayed, then forget it!  Of course it’s just a...


BMW’s Shape Shifting Vehicle: GINA Light Visionary Model

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Watch the video (after the ‘leap’), but in short this is purely a conceptual BMW called the GINA.  It’s covered in a polyurethane-coated Lycra fabric and sports embedded LEDs.  According to its lead designer, Chris Bangle, it took them about two hours to cover the Z8 chassis once the shape...


Philips Skype Phone (VOIP8411B/37) Review


Until recently I had one phone line, my cell phone. A few months ago I discovered the downside of my ‘plan to simplify’ in the form of a $130 phone bill. You see, since I started focusing full time on Gadgetreview I’ve been gabbing away and burning through my roll...