Daily Archives: June 6, 2008


iHome Releases First Zune Compatible Alarm Clock


The ZN9 by iHome will probably sell as fast as…well…the Zunes. Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft has managed to scrape together a fair piece of what little MP3 player pie is left, but unfortunately I don’t know if it is enough to make iHome’s latest alarm clock stereo a smash...


3 Headphones Compatible With the iPhone Compared


Popularmechanics compared and reviewed 3 pairs of iPhone compatible headphones.  Two of them are on sale at 6ave.  Go here to pick up the coupon codes and you can get them for far less than advertised. As for the earphones, they gave good marks to both the Shure SE110s and...

HTC Touch Diamond Touch Delayed In Europe


Since the US won’t be getting the HTC Touch Diamond anytime soon, this news is pretty moot, at least for me and 90% of people who read this blog.  Anyway, Mobility Today got an email from Deviceware saying that the HTC Touch Diamond has been delayed until June 23rd due...