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New RoboDog from WowWee: Wrex The Dog


[GR]MGmMnw6Ywcw[/GR] This is WowWee’s newest robot.  Watch the video review from RobotsRule, but Wrex the dog does some ‘wacky’ stuff (like pissing on the floor) and has a touch of Scooby Doo in him.  Oh ya, he doesn’t walk, he rolls....

iPhone Lego Robot

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[GR]7pIS69teEvw[/GR] So the title is a little misleading, but after you see the finished product (or read my explanation) you’ll understand.  These guys built a Lego robot that can be operated via the iPhone.  They’ve incorporated the Lego Mindstorm’s light sensor which scans the iPhone screen sitting in its cradle. ...


Multitouch LCD Almost Ready For Market


TGDaily got a hands on with a 22-inch multitouch display from motherboard and graphics maker Albatron (never heard of them).  I wish there was more to tell, but in short TG said the display worked without a hitch and from what I could infer it sounds like were not too...