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Mophie Juice Pack Review

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Everyone’s primary complaint about the iPhone is the length of the battery life. It’s way too short. I’ve become conditioned to charging my iPhone as much as possible in order to not run out of “juice” when I’m away from home. To help quell this problem arrives the iPhone Juice...


This Table Shows Whose Got The Gift Of Gab


We’ve all got a friend or coworker who talks too much.  Now, without pointing the finger, you can implicate their ranting and ravings asses.  The Reflect Table monitors the ongoing conversation with multiple microphones and shows via LED whose talking the ‘loudest/most’. [Make via Craft]...


Motorola Blaze Revealed


This handset, the Motrola Blaze that is, don’t look exciting, but if you’re a Motorola fan (Bueler?) have at it, boss.  Based on BGR’s word, the mobile web browser is ‘ok’, the touchscreen leaves much to be desired when emailing or texting, and the haptic feedback is horrible.  Specs include...


MetroPCS To Unlock Phones If You Sign With Them

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If you can’t stand Verizon, Alltel, or Sprint but love your handset you’re in luck.  MetroPCS says they’ll unlock any phone from these carriers to work with their service.  Sorry, AT&T and T-Mobile run on GSM, which isn’t compatible with MetroPCS’ system, so no easy iPhone porting – I bet...

Batman Vs. Batman


Someone with a whole lot time took all the Batman movies, cut them up and made it look like they’re either fighting one and other or cohorting together. Stop wondering and hit the video already....


Dubai Building Rotating Skyscraper


It’s no shock that Dubai would be the first to sport a spinning skyscraper, afterall they have man made islands that form the Earth’s footprint.  This Dynamic Tower design allows each apartment, ranging in price from $3 – $36 million, to rotate a full 360 degrees in one to three...


California Opens First Hydrogen Fueling Station


California opened its first Hydrogen refueling station today.  It’s located on Santa Monica Blvd just West of the 405 highway.  To make it economically viable – for the station that is – the station also offers conventional gasoline.  Hydrogen production will be done on site using electrolysis and stored in...


iPhone MMS Rumor Surfaces


Why the hell is it ‘breaking news’ that the 3G iPhone might have MMS capabilities.  Shit, here I am writing about it.  In any case, I wouldn’t even bother with MMS since I can email for free.  Also if I do need someone to look at a pic, I’ll call...