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Microsoft Unveils Powerful Telescope For The Web

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Have you ever wondered what lies just beyond the stratosphere, or better yet the atmosphere?  Wonder no longer.  Microsoft officially unveiled their telescope service today: Microsoft Worldwide Telescope.  Any web surfer with a decent Internet connection can now explore the nether regions of space all from your living room.  The...


Introducing the Nipple Gauge – Need I Say More


I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite as obligatory as the Nipple Gauge. According to the manufactures, this will get the ladies shirtless, why ‘it’s as easy as that!’. My recommendation: Take a ‘shot’ or ten to numb the pain of the bitch slip. Still wondering what it is? Girls...


AT&T Slips New iPhone: iPhone Black


Did AT&T screw up or is this simply a website glitch?  According to Apple Insider, AT&T’s website was showing an alternate device for those who are already logged in and have the iPhone selected as their device of choice.  A month and some back I got wind of an all...

Blackberry 9000 Compared and Reviewed (video)

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[GR]9wf41zgLf_M[/GR] got their hands on a Blackberry 9000 via Ebay. In the video they compare the Blackberry 9000 to some other Blackberry phones, and take us through the new OS featured on the 480×320 display. Crackberry liked its speed (i.e. fast processor), the killer screen and the menu features...


Otterbox Goes Pink To Support Avon Cancer Crusade

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In support of the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, Otterbox is donating 10% of the purchase price of all pink Strength cases for the iPhone and 3G iPod Nano. The Strength cases, from the Defender line, are double emblematic as ‘strength’ is needed to overcome cancer, and pink of course represents...

GTA 4 Update For PS3


By now you’ve probably heard about the ‘freezing problem’ in GTA4.  This has been experienced by both Xbox 360 and PS3 owners.  Personally, the game wouldn’t load a mission until after the 3rd or 4th attempt while playing on my 360.  A buddy of mine had the game freeze on...


107-year-old Light Bulb Still Burns

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If this isn’t proof that GE and every other light bulb manufacture has built obsolescent light bulbs for decades, I don’t know what is. Located at a Livermore, California firestation, the 4-watt bulb got its own 100 year celebration (7 years ago) and has burned more than 1 million hours....

HTC Touch Diamond Launches

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[singlepic=321,460,380,,]HTC announced their newest phone today, the Touch Diamond. It of course has some iPhone similarities, such as the coverflow option and an integrated YouTube function. The weather widget (if you wanna to call it that) looks pretty neat, and features a wind shield wiper across the screen to indicate...

Buttons Camera Captures Other People’s Photos (video)


[GR]elDw9aZLIuo[/GR] Yeah….not really sure how to explain this one. This camera, if you wanna call it that, is camera slash networking device. As you capture pictures with the push of ‘the button’ the device networks with other cameras and distributes your pictures to other ‘Button Camera’ users. In turn you...