Monthly Archives: May 2008

Demo of Microsoft TouchWall


[GR]YPrfqdl55D0[/GR] I don’t see how this is any different than the Microsoft Surface (the table), but as always, we all enjoy a little touch screen interaction, especially if it’s intuitive. Could be cool for presenting to huge groups. Update: Ok, so it uses 3 lasers placed at the bottom that...


Army Reveals Robotic Suit


Ok, so we’ve seen these robotic suits before, but they’ve usually come from Japan or some other foreign local. Sarcos, located in Salt Lake City has been developing a 150-lb robotic suit that gives its wearer super hero like strength (up to 20x human strength). Sarcos, who was recently purchased...


Auto Dimming Clip-On Mirror


Sometimes when I drive my VW GTI, I wish I had some of the finer features found on higher end cars.  One of them: an auto dimming rear view mirror.  Well, looks like now I can, thanks to Alpha Mirror.  The device attaches to most rear view mirrors – in...


LED Gloves


From a practical standpoint I can’t see anyone wearing these. On the other hand (pun completely intended) tech nerds and grease monkeys (aka mechanics) might find them extremely useful. Available here for about $45....


Apple Multitouch Keyboard for Apple TV (rumor)


Relax folks, it’s just a rumor. According to Crunchgear, Apple might release a multitouch keyboard for the Apple TV. If they do, let’s hope it’s for the Apple TV DVR (aka controllable by the iPhone). The above pic is a mock up. Do I think this is real? No. Why?...

Lazer Alarm Clock

Laser Target Alarm Clock


The Laser Target Alarm clock might just take the cake of all alarm clocks (does that even make sense). Sometimes the best way to wake yourself from a deep slumber is to get the brain working right away. Hell, I wake up and check email via my iPhone. It get’s...


Adjustable Hot Sauce, Yes Adjustable


I’ve got an Indian buddy (he’s actually Sindian – South African and Indian) and he can eating scorching hot (spicy) foods.  One time he presented me with partially cooked jalepenos and I almost collapsed on bite number one.  In any case, to keep up with the cultural diversification and tastes,...


The World’s Smallest Helicopter: GEN H-4


If you’re like me you’ve had that itch at one time or another to hover high in the high sky.  If you’ve got $60,000 that itch can now be scratched.  Japanese inventor Gennai Yanagisawa has built a 165-lb helicopter, which might be the world’s smallest.  It’s small in foot print...


A Truck That Runs On Coffee


Is this the perfect truck for that early morning commute – you know, the whole ‘wake me up’ aroma thing that Folgers instituted? The Cafe Racer is a 1975 GMC pickup that burns used coffee to make it go. According to Gas2 the engine used to burn the coffee can...


Slimmer Redesigned Xbox 360


I guess there’s a rumor floating around out there on the World Wide Web that Microsoft has plans to redesign the Xbox 360.  Apparently, it would be a slimmed down version.  Unfortunately, a Microsoft spokesperson squashed those rumors stating “while we don’t normally comment on rumours like this, we can...

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