Is The Blackberry Thunder A Storm Of Rumors Or An iPhone Killer?

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12 Comments to Is The Blackberry Thunder A Storm Of Rumors Or An iPhone Killer?

  1. i know god i can figure out how much the freaking phone iss!!!
    im alll looking for how much it is and stuff and i cant find it!

  2. the iPhone is just basically a propietary DRM music player and cell phone on one of the worst wireless networks ever (AT&T ala Cingular; both are and were terrible). Which is more capable, the Storm or iPhone? I’d say the Storm based on the expandable mem right now to 16 GB via microSD card and 32 GB due out 1Q of 2009 from Sandisk. Not to mention the battery can be removed (a godsend for travelers who rely heavily on their mobile devices) unlike the iPhone you have to charge it or use a 3rd party solution and with Apple’s proprietary mindset, not much will be available or reliable. The other thing is the microUSB connector, iPhone only has a USB power dock connector, simply put it will only accept data transfer through iTunes (another lame proprietary feature offered by Apple). Stereo bluetooth is awesome, no wires and its in stereo!! iPhone, is like a kid’s toy when it comes to multimedia hardware in comparison to the Storm. Such as the ability to stream videos and upload images with flash and autofocus on the Storm, the iPhone is just a simple camera (no flash and no ability to upload). Another big big shortcoming with the iPhone (no cut and paste features); another one is that gloves are hindrance to the device (so if it’s really cold and you need to text, etc.) you can with the Storm. WiFi is not necessary and who wants to have to hunt for WiFi hotspots that usually charge a fee for access anyway, when the Verizon data plan is required and is the best service (bar none)? So I can see the reason why WiFi was intentionally not included in the device, it was’t an oversight like every iPhone fanboi wants everybody to believe. The Storm is not a toy, the iPhone is.

  3. Xavier Verizon tech

    I have the storm as it is my job to have latest phones and try them it is incredible and has unbelievable options, but no it is not an Iphone killer the Iphone is still the best there is out there and apple will continue updating it to stay like it.

  4. First of all its called the blackberry storm not the thunder I am a manager at a cell phone retailer so its very interesting to hear blackberry releasing a touchscreen phone, blackberry is known for testing its products for month before a release date is said, so I really look forward to actually being able to play around with the storm, I think out of all the so called iphone killers this is the only phone that actually can compare to the speed and technology of apply, and might replace the iphone, and for the phone to be exclusvly for verizon is a great move, because it will be the greatest blackberry exclusivly for the greatest network!

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