Grandtheft Auto 4 Freezing Issues

By now you’ve probably heard about the ‘freezing problem’ in GTA4.  This has been experienced by both Xbox 360 and PS3 owners.  Personally, the game wouldn’t load a mission until after the 3rd or 4th attempt while playing on my 360.  A buddy of mine had the game freeze on him numerous times 5 minutes into casual play, also on the 360.  Nonetheless, according to a forum post on PS3Hax, Rockstar will begin issuing Grand Theft Auto 4 updates for the PS3 today.  Just start the game and the system will prompt you.

For slightly more info go here.  Details are vague so any comments confirming the update would be great!

So the question is: where’s the Xbox 360 update for both single and multiplayer?  And Rockstar, fix the damn Party Mode multiplayer setup.  Perhaps I wanna stay in the same room and play the same people instead of going through all this f’ing loading!

Christen Costa

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