So if you haven’t heard of Amazon’s Kindle by now, then you’ve been living under a rock. The Kindle has quickly become a top seller for Amazon, so fast in fact that they’ve been back ordered. They’re now back in stock with a new lower price of $359 (originally it was $399) and now includes two day free shipping.

So what’s so great about Amazon’s Kindle?
First off, it’s an inexpensive e-book reader that utilizes a revolutionary electronic-paper display. Also there’s not cables or syncing to a computer to worry about. Just connect wirelessly to Amazon’s e-book store (aka Kindle store) and you can purchase new titles. The Amazon Kindle is also very light weight, weighing in at a mere 10.3oz, which is lighter than a typical paper back book.

What’s the story with this ‘electronic paper’ display?
The paper display is a relatively new technology that allows text to be displayed in a small and compact device all the while using very little power to do so. E-Ink is great for portable devices and since it doesn’t use a ‘backlight’ it’s easy to read text inside or outside regardless of the lighting conditions (if you had an old Gameboy then you’ll know what I’m talking about).

What can I download or read on the Amazon Kindle?
There are over 120,000 books available on the Kindle, including more than 98 of the 112 New York Times Best Sellers. All NYT Best Sellers are $9.99 unless otherwise noted. You’ll also gain access to free book samples where you can download and read the first chapter of a book before you buy. You can also gain access to top U.S newspapers and magazines, which will be auto delivered monthly or weekly depending on subscription. Amazon is also offering two week trials of the available newspapers so you can ‘try before you buy’. You can also access many top blogs for free.

How many books can the Amazon Kindle hold?
The Amazon Kindle can hold up to 200 books.

Battery life?
According to Amazon, With the wireless always turned on you’ll probably need to recharge the Kindle every other day depending on use. With the wireless off, you should expect to recharge the Amazon Kindle once a week, but of course this assumes an average usage time. A full recharge will take 2 hours.

Do I need wireless Internet or WiFi to access the Amazon Kindle Store?
No. The Amazon Kindle uses EVDO, which is a high speed data network to download and access info. Wireless access is included in the cost of the Amazon Kindle. This is pretty unheard of, by the way. The name of Amazon’s wireless network is Whispernet.

There’s a full QWERTY keyboard. Can I send messages to people?
No. I’m afraid the QWERTY keyboard is for performing searches of Amazon Kindle’s Store and making notes. Perhaps someone will hack it to send texts or emails, but I don’t think Amazon would be too pleased with the increased network traffic

Do I need a computer?
No computer necessary. In fact, it comes with everything you’ll need.

How do I change pages?
Located on either side (for right or left handed peoples) is a page turning button. It’s easy to use and intuitive such that it won’t disrupt your reading experience.

Other specs?
The Amazon Kindle’s screen is 6-inches diagonal, which is 600×800 pixels with a 4-level gray scale. It measures 7.5×5.3x.07 inches (h x w x d). The Amazon Kindle IS NOT TOUCHSCREEN.

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