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107-year-old Light Bulb Still Burns

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If this isn’t proof that GE and every other light bulb manufacture has built obsolescent light bulbs for decades, I don’t know what is. Located at a Livermore, California firestation, the 4-watt bulb got its own 100 year celebration (7 years ago) and has burned more than 1 million hours....

HTC Touch Diamond Launches

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[singlepic=321,460,380,,]HTC announced their newest phone today, the Touch Diamond. It of course has some iPhone similarities, such as the coverflow option and an integrated YouTube function. The weather widget (if you wanna to call it that) looks pretty neat, and features a wind shield wiper across the screen to indicate...

Buttons Camera Captures Other People’s Photos (video)


[GR]elDw9aZLIuo[/GR] Yeah….not really sure how to explain this one. This camera, if you wanna call it that, is camera slash networking device. As you capture pictures with the push of ‘the button’ the device networks with other cameras and distributes your pictures to other ‘Button Camera’ users. In turn you...