Xbox First Look: Wireless Helmet and more

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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

88 Comments to Xbox First Look: Wireless Helmet and more

  1. it was posted on April 1st. So the answer to your question is no, its an april fools. Muppet

  2. i think that it would be a realy good new gadget for gaming and so what if it costs a little extra than the xbox it would be well worth it and everyone ive asked said that they would bye so i think they should make it and try it out on people to see what they think first.

  3. its fake but it would still be bad its to much for a helmet to handle and with all that stuff it would cost more than the 360 its self

    • From your moms house

      Harvey you are the retard. Autum does not occur until mid october there is nothing autum about august. Please go back to school. Do not jerk off to your science book this time around. Actually learn something.
      P.S.( for you mom that is)
      please tell her I had fun last night… sorry about the noise we made kiddo

  4. This was supposed to go out last year. I mean really????

    I’m sure you live in Iran……rightttttttttttt

  5. WOW I cant wait for it to come out its gonna be EPIC, ima buy it the same day its at k-mart yeeee!! how much do you think its gonna cost? and when is it gonna come out because my mommy wants to know so she can be ready to drive me to the store after ballet lessons.

  6. This is the best thing humans have ever invented
    This is the best thing man has ever invented

  7. turfsurfer32

    I think it will be real in the future but hell no it an`t comin out spring 2008 not even in 2009 maybe,but not seein real big results. AND plus were comin out with the iphone the touch blackberry . Every thing is new technolagy and hey i maybe only 13 years old but i know alot and that will posably be commin out by the year 2010 through2012.
    PS> ANYTHING IS POSABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Illiterate Police

      Just throwing this out there, when you post on the forums of how you’re 13 and know a lot. Send all of the writing to some kind of spell check. You sound absolutely and completely uneducated. This isn’t going to be coming out for the design of the helmet makes no strategical sense to or from a gamers point of view.
      >>>> PS Possible is the Correct spelling!!!!

  8. A Krazy Midgit

    the vintage xbox is cool and it sucks that its not real but i think i have to agree with some of the other people you guy are retarded.

  9. if it was realy or not i would of wanted it and i wish they would make this thing it would be cool to play halo on and have a wireless gun or something that would be so awsome!!!!!!! man the future is going to be tight i cant wait….. AND IF ANYONE PLAYS HALO ON XBOX LIVE MY NAME IS “a100cats”
    BUT if it was realy you have to amit the helmet would be so sick and awsome

  10. shaun bugeja

    if you guys read properly, it was an april fools joke by bill gates and microsoft, im sorry, no helmet.

  11. When u read that…

    “it sports a ‘low-energy 1TB HDD’”

    then i think u have to know that it’s a 1st April joke…
    but i think there will be more people who say “i can’t wait till it comes out”
    or sth like that…
    i have to tell u…wait longer xD maybe the helmet soon will be there xD
    omg xD

  12. Sam (Freelance Pwner)

    HAHA ROFL!!!
    Figured out its an Aprils Fools joke… and then reading the messages of the retards

    That Board Game would have been cool though :D

  13. you guys are all retards. Who honestly has time to sit online and argue about whether this is real or not. Seriously, get a life. Grow up. you all suck at Xbox 360 any ways so go home and cry to your mothers because you all still live in your parents basements.

    • 7th Division ODST

      well i actually dont live in my parents basement so the fact you’d se such a stereotype must mean that YOU do. Always the case with jack-ass mooncrickets like yourself.


  15. leightonKIDD

    read the paragraph again, it is NOT real.
    this gadget will NOT be coming out EVER

  16. you people actually think there is a gadget that advanced for the xbox lolllll your never going to get it its a joke

  17. there is no helmet for xbox 360 my friend send me the pic and i said wow then i slap my face its just for noob so i was a noob at that time haha


    To whom it may concern it would be nice if you can let me know the true deal on the helmet. Please be kind in letting me know if there is going to take place for spring of 2008…. Thank you

  19. I can’t wait until I get this helmet, because I know it will be the best gadget out for the Xbox360.

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