By: Jeff Bordeaux

Timex iControl

What is the Timex Ironman iControl?
The iControl is a digital sports watch that wirelessly controls your iPod with the touch of a button. You can easily navigate through your music using the large and very responsive buttons for: Play/Pause, Track Forward, Track Backward, and Volume controls.

How Does It Work?
The iControl controls your iPod through an included adapter or dongle, which plugs into the docking slot of your iPod. From there it is a simple “Plug & Play” and requires no further set up.

In Addition To The iPod Functions, What Else Can it Do?
Beyond the iPod controls the iControl contains all the functions, which have become the meat and potatoes of the Ironman watches: Chronograph, 2 Interval Timers, 3 Alarms, Countdown Timer, 50 Lap Memory, Water Resistantance up to 100 m, Indiglo Night Light, and a long lasting Resin Strap. All of these functions are available during iPod use as well.

So is it Quality?
For the most part yes, however, there is one major flaw that will hopefully be addressed in future versions of this watch. As with any active lifestyle your watch will incur some bumps and bruises along the way. The problem you ask? Sometimes the buttons are too sensitive and get pressed when you don’t want them to. Initially, you may think this is no big deal, but once the volume is inadvertently increased to max and your ears get blasted, you’ll think otherwise – I know I did. I used the watch in a variety of capacities: while riding my bike, at the gym (gettin’ ripped), etc. And movements like taking off a backpack, or picking up a weight often miscued the controls against my liking. So what would I suggest? That Timex adds a hold button to prevent such mishaps. As long as you’re consciously mindful of this you can generally avoid it, but you kind of have to adapt your movements to compensate for the buttons whereabouts. The only other thing that may be annoying for the fitness types is that the dongle is on the larger side (see pics) and isn’t all that secure. Other than that, a great watch all together and an added convenience when controlling your iPod on the go.

Anything Else?
Aside from athletic scenarios this watch can be useful in home stereo applications, as well as in your car. Also the range between the watch and dongle operates without obstruction for around twenty feet, which is double what is listed on the Timex site.

Conclusion Overview

  • A fun and easy watch that controls your iPod for any lifestyle.
  • Be weary of the overly sensitive controls.
  • Sporty appearance in a variety of colors
  • Plenty of features synonymous with Ironman brand
  • Works with the iPhone as well

Available here for $80.

Jeff B