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Gold Macbook Air

Gold Plated Macbook Air


As if the Macbook Air wasn’t expensive enough. This the world’s first 24k Gold and Sapphire Macbook Air. I think I am gonna be sick. More pics after the ‘leap’...

Blackberry Curve 8330 Alltel

Blackbery Curve Arrives At Alltel


Starting May 1, 2008 Alltel will begin selling the Blackberry 8330 (aka Curve). Expect everything the Blackberry name has to offer in addition to high-speed EVDO Internet, a 2MP camera, GPS capability, USB 2.0 connectivity, microSD memory card expansion, a 3.5mm headset jack, Bluetooth 2.0 and more. Alltel’s Blackberry Curve...

Bicycle Turn Signal and Brake Lamp

Bicycle Turn Signal, Horn, and Brake Light

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We recently saw the Turn Signal Jacket.  Good stuff, but not great if you live in a hot climate.  The alternative?  The Bicycle Direction and Brake Lamp with 8-tune Horn.  Looks like it attaches with ease and available here for a measly $15.  Course, to use the turn signal  you...

N1 Wirelss Belkin Router

Belkin N1 Vision Router Shows It All


Most routers are simply a plastic box with a few blinking lights. To get a clue to what the hell is going on, you gotta login in via its internal IP address (usually or .0.1). The N1 Vision wireless router from Belkin includes an easy-to-read display that shows network...

Headmounted Mini Camera UKP300

Cops To Wear Bluetooth Headset Sized Cameras

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I know, tiny cameras aren’t exactly revolutionary,but this is a reality check.  According to GIzmag, this new UKP300 head camera with built-in microphone can record high quality video and plug into any recording device with video and audio inputs.  Not on the super cheap side, as it will cost you...

iHome iP99BR Radio

iHome Launches iPhone Compatible Stereo


Most, if not all stereos with built-in iPod docks pick up the iPhone’s ever aggravating GSM signal noise. For Christ’s sakes, it sounds like good damn aliens are invading! Finally, iHome has announced the availability of their first iPhone compatible audio system: the iP99BR. iHome designed this clock radio/stereo with...

Hymini All Products

HYmini Review


This month I’ve been testing out the HYmini, the world’s first personal wind powered charger. At $49 it’s a steal and gives you ‘green cred’ – you know, like ‘street cred’. What is the HYmini? HYmini calls it “the first green platform universal/charger device to harness window power and solar...

Slinky Like Expandable Chair


By: Tiffany Miller At first glance this looks like an illusion, but by the end of the clip my mind was churning with all the potential uses for this, uh, contraption. The options are endless- chair, couch, ottoman, bed, table, or maybe even a work of art, if you’re into...

Retinal Display System

Retinal Display System Makes HUD Glasses Obsolete


Today’s personal media player’s, or PMPs, screens are too small. Even worse is the solution: bulky glasses with embedded screens (aka head mounted displays) that obstructs the user’s vision. Brother’s solution is a small and light weight attachment that can be fitted to any pair of glasses, which ‘irradiates low-intensity...