By: Jeff Bordeaux

Act like you ain’t not heard, or maybe you have. For those who haven’t, Monster Cable is releasing some high end headphones mutually designed by themselves as well as Dr. Dre. Two years in the making, it will be interesting to see how the consumer/musician/producer/DJ will view and use these thangs. Will they use them as actual studio reference monitors, or will they use them at the gym with their iPhones? Will DJ’s use them as well and will they sound best playing back “The Chronic”? A price of $399 should help separate peeps in casual and professional settings as well as be a possible deterrent to anyone involved in other genres of music besides hip-hop. Will it be any good for Metal or Country? Hitting the “Streets” this June, we will see the outcome of this strangely ambiguous product. The site suggests nothing of either scenario, though Dre is best know as a producer right? So you would think they would be studio reference monitors? Or everyday consumer headphones? Both?

Check the Site!

Jeff B