Grand Theft Auto 4 Leaked On Bit Torrent

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GTA 4 Leaked
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5 Comments to Grand Theft Auto 4 Leaked On Bit Torrent

  1. How people dumb for modding that like buying car and u dont put a dvd player it u wahat u saying is stupid if i paid for my xobx i can do as i damn please wit it .and learn something they dont ban serial number fool they ban the MAC address for the console stupid idiot.

  2. NTSC version has been leaked -> it can be found at
    This is the version that is playable on North American consoles. Goodluck and happy gaming

  3. IhateReTarDs

    I have been modding consoles since the PSOne days. I have 3 Modded Xbox 1’s, none of which are banned from Live, and I have two Modded Xbox360’s neither of which is banned on Live. I doubt modding is as stupid as paying $59.99 for a game that sucks or is not worth the paper it is wrapped in. I really think that all those who hate on us modders are just jealous that they cannot pull it off themselves. Piracy is wrong, but only a fool thinks that it is going to fade away or that it is going to lighten up any time soon.

  4. Man, people are so stupid for modding their xbox, they cannot even access live because their serial number of their xbox and hard drive will be banned. Not to mention alot of pirated games are notorious for missing pieces of information. Then to top it off, you void your warranty when you mod your xbox. And we all know how unreliable xbox hardware can be. Then all those do it your self fixes are only temporary. Good luck with your 400 dollar paper weight of a console.

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