Belkin 7-Port USB Hub (F5U237) Review

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6 Comments to Belkin 7-Port USB Hub (F5U237) Review

  1. Troy Saltzgiver

    I have an HP 882C printer and an HP 4300C scanner which work fine with my Compaq F730US.
    However, when I connect them through the Belkin F5U237 they do not work. They do appear in my list of attached devices however. Both the scanner and printer are USB 1.1 and the computer has Vista Home Premium. When the hub is first plugged in, the system loads a
    generic hub driver.

    I did get a response from Belkin. They suggested (1) use a different port on the computer, (2) try another USB cable, and (3) try using another piece of equipment to see if it works. They also refer you to a customer service site to work out an exchange for the faulty unit (I doubt they would consider an exchange since I bought it unopened from an individual on the internet.).

    I’ve got a Targus 4-port travel hub (that I bought after Christmas for a whopping fifty cents at a Nashville Office Depot). I’ll be really pissed if everything works with it.

  2. I have had similar problems with one of 3 of these hubs. All of the hubs get very very hot on bottom. The fail when stacked together. When it drops off line, there is a characteristic Microsoft double-bong. If I unplug the device connection from the computer, it is re-recognized, as are all the attached peripherals. I have reduced the connections to four (4) on each of these units, and then they seem more reliable. But they get VERY HOT!. I suspect that they are failing from heat. I keep them on their sides so there is more air circulation. I do not think that they are very reliable. I now own four of them, and am looking for something that is more reliable, and does not get so hot.

  3. I'm having the same issue; glad to know I'm not just nuts. Will try to get in touch with Belkin tomorrow PM I guess…

  4. This is the same conditions I am having. EXACTLY except with the Mac version and Ipods not being recognized. Try and contact Belkin? Good luck.

    NEVER BUY this!!!!!

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