Wake up and smell the bandwagon. With more and more people and companies going “green” to help preserve our wonderful planet, it’s a logical step for consumer electronics and accessories to adhere to sustainable practices. This iPhone case by Agent 18 is probably one of the first of many to go this route.


  • Simple two-piece slide on/off design
  • Form-fitting and sleek
  • Full-access to bottom connectors, microphone, and touch screen
  • Docks with universal dock
  • Eco-friendly material with minimum carbon impact
  • Packaging made from recycled materials

Upon first notice, the case doesn’t add much extra dimension to the iPhone and conforms to the shape quite nicely. It also provides a little more traction to the slippery feel of the iPhone but not nearly as much as the heavy rubber INCASE covers. This can be good or bad depending on the tightness of your jeans, and I’m not sure if the Agent 18 plastic is all that shock absorbent in comparison. The only thing to be conscious of would be sitting in a car and being subject to loose change syndrome, as we all loathe that for sure. All in all, the Agent 18 feels nice in your hand and you’ve done your planet a favor. Just don’t drop it, and take it out of your pants pocket before you get in a car, especially if you are a thug with baggy ass pants. Eco friendly thugs…look for em’.

Purchase the Agent 18 Eco-Shield.


Jeff B