Daily Archives: April 22, 2008

Solo Table with Solar Power

Solar Charging Table


There aren’t too many times that I think about rolling my desk outside, but the SOLo Lounge Table might change all that. Built into the surface of table are solar panels that charge up its internal battery and power your devices. It can connect to a variety of devices and...

Cell Phone Ring Notifier

Cell Phone Call Notifier


I’m not sure how it connects to your cell phone (guessing Bluetooth), but this little doodad flashes when there’s an incoming call. Ideal for those who like to blast their music. Works within 5 feet of your phone and available here for $10. [Bookofjoe]...

Gold Macbook Air

Gold Plated Macbook Air


As if the Macbook Air wasn’t expensive enough. This the world’s first 24k Gold and Sapphire Macbook Air. I think I am gonna be sick. More pics after the ‘leap’...