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Headmounted Mini Camera UKP300

Cops To Wear Bluetooth Headset Sized Cameras

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I know, tiny cameras aren’t exactly revolutionary,but this is a reality check.  According to GIzmag, this new UKP300 head camera with built-in microphone can record high quality video and plug into any recording device with video and audio inputs.  Not on the super cheap side, as it will cost you...

iHome iP99BR Radio

iHome Launches iPhone Compatible Stereo


Most, if not all stereos with built-in iPod docks pick up the iPhone’s ever aggravating GSM signal noise. For Christ’s sakes, it sounds like good damn aliens are invading! Finally, iHome has announced the availability of their first iPhone compatible audio system: the iP99BR. iHome designed this clock radio/stereo with...

Hymini All Products

HYmini Review


This month I’ve been testing out the HYmini, the world’s first personal wind powered charger. At $49 it’s a steal and gives you ‘green cred’ – you know, like ‘street cred’. What is the HYmini? HYmini calls it “the first green platform universal/charger device to harness window power and solar...