Daily Archives: April 10, 2008

WiFi Umbrella

Umbrella Sports Built-in Screen, GPS and More


What appears as an everyday umbrella is in fact an umbrella with a built-in camera for snapping picks, which can be instantly uploaded to Flickr – or other photo sharing sites – via the built-in WiFi. Once you’ve completed the upload you can cheerfully revisit the snapped pics by displaying...

3D Hangman

3D Hangman – A New Spin On An Old Game


The Hangman game was always interesting one. Here you are a kid, impressionable, told not to cause harm to others, and then your character is violently hung for misspelling. A little harsh to say the least. The 3D hangman takes a new spin on an old game. The spelling part...

USB Thermometer

USB Thermometer Tracks Room Temperature

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I am not sure what the practical application of the USB Theremometer could be, but where there’s a product there’s a way. It’s pretty simple: the device plugs into your computer and records the room temperature at custom set intervals – seconds or hours. You can then view the temperature...