Daily Archives: April 7, 2008

Motion Bulb

Motion Detecting Light Bulb

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Just like the infomercial says, don’t spend hundreds on high end motion detecting light systems, get the Motion Bulb. Built into the tip of the bulb is a small motion detector. The detector is only active if there isn’t enough ambient light (you can control this) and activates the bulb...

Pioneer LED Sneaker

Concept Sneaker Sports Built-in LED

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More safety than vision, this pair of concept sneakers – called the Pioneer – include a built-in LED that will shine a path up to 4.9 feet in length.  The LEDs are powered by kinetic energy, so no need to worry about recharging. One more pic after the ‘leap’...

Furito Solo VoIP Handset

Futiro Sleek VoIP Handset


‘Small and sleek’ and you’ve got me sold.  The Futuro Solo handset is a VoIP compatible handset designed for the business traveler.  Embedded in its back is a retractable cord management system and as you can see from the pics it fits snuggly in the palm of your hand. More...

Quake 3 Hits the iPhone


[GR]kvci1vTXyUo[/GR] Check it: Quake 3 on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It looks excessively boring since you control strafing via the accelerometer and firing by just tapping the screen. I wouldn’t waste my time, but for the iPhone mod show off… [Popsci]...