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Zoomswitch Links Phone and Computer Headsets


[GR]EpCr8cz4v3U[/GR] First and foremost watch the video.  It’s pretty amusing…amusing because the guy in the video couldn’t be any more obvious about reading off a quecard.  Nonetheless, the Zoomswitch is a useful product for those that switch between Skype and regular landline calls, or simply want to listen to their...

USB Cassette

USB Cassette

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Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t a converter. In fact, its a gag gift for those friends that have a death grip on the gold old analog cassette. The faux cassette tape, yes fake, actually hides a 64MB USB drive. The idea behind this ingenious gift is that you fill the...


Lenovo Ideapad Seems Uninspired


Lenovo’s newest product offering is essentially a cell phone with what appears to be an eraser-head like optical mouse that allows for one handed operation. The Ideapad operates over EDGE or 3G networks, sports a 4.8 inch touch screen display, and is powered by Intel’s Atom low power CPU. According...

Rumored 3G iPhone All Black Finish

New 3G iPhone Images Leaked? Unlikely.


According to MacRumors, well, more like according to iPodObserver the new 3G iPhone will sports an all black glossy back finish.  As Macrumos points out, it’s unlikely that these are accurate, which is further reaffirmed by iPodObserver’s recent misquoting of a Gartner analyst.  In any case, it’s not totally unlikely...

Reef Dram Sandal Hideen Compartment

Sandle Flask


Yes, the list grows.  What list you ask?  Well, we’ve seen the Beer Belly, the Wine Rack, the Barnoculars and now there’s the Sandal Flask.  Actually, they’re made by Reef (THE sandle maker) and called the Dram Sandal.  Embedded in the sole of the sandal is a 3oz screw-capped polyurethane...


Slick Wine Theremometer


Achieving the perfectly chilled white, or room temepartured red can make or break a wine’s flavor.  The Wine Thermometer neatly adhears to the bottle as if its part of it.  Battery life lasts approximately 2000 hours and included are ideal wine temperature instructions. Available here for $36....


Sony Unveils World’s Smallest HD Camcorder: HDR-TG1


Don’t be deceived by Sony’s newest camcorder’s small size; this little fella packs a punch. Standing just 4.7″ tall and measuring 2.5″ deep, Sony’s HDR-TG1 shoots full blown HD video (1920×1080). Unfortunately, Sony in their blundering proprietary ways has only included a Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo or PRO Duo...