Holux M-241 GPS Logger and Bluetooth Dongle
One of the inherent problems with digital photos is keeping tracking of them. Ideally the camera would figure out whose in the scene and tag accordingly. For now, our best bet is a GPS logger, such as the Holux M-241 (resembles a Kodak analog film roll). Just slip the device in your pocket and turn it to on. Once it acquires coordinates it will capture its location (up to 130,000 way points) in preset intervals with time stamp. Once the photos are uploaded you simply need to match the time stamps and bingo, you’ve got tagged pictures. Sure it still doesn’t tell you who (wink) or what you were doing, but at least they’ll be more manageable then ‘pic-10102′. The M-241 also works as a Bluetooth GPS dongle enabling compatible devices to become full blown GPS units.

Available here for $69 (on sale).

Christen Costa

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