Black Diamond Screen
A company called SIScreens is claiming that their new screen technology, called Black Diamond, will achieve ‘blacker blacks, whiter whites’ and greater color accuracy. You’ll notice the difference is most significant in a well lit room, where as with a dark room it’s harder to discern between true contrast and color difference. The above picture is a snap shot I took from their video presentation – you be the judge. If you look closely (during the dark room scenario), the whites are darker, but there isn’t a drastic night and day difference in colors or contrast. From what I can tell it’s just a darker screen that reflects less light in well lit situations and hence why it looks better. Available for $2600 in a 100″ model.

By the way, I really like the inserted clapping sound effect at the beginning of the video.

Jump over to their site to check the video.

Christen Costa

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