Samsung Alias (Verizon Wireless)

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25 Comments to Samsung Alias (Verizon Wireless)

  1. I am on my second phone and again have the same problem.
    The charge port fails.
    It is frustrating cuz I do like this phone.
    Also has low storage for text messages.
    Probably will not get another phone like this.

  2. I HATE the alias!
    ~ sometimes doesn’t vibrate
    ~ never flips
    ~ shuts off randomly
    ~ freezes all the time
    ~ “P” key has fallen off 2 times
    ~ have to text sideways when doesn’t flip…
    ~ terrible signal
    ~ doesnt send on the first try
    ~ deletes pictures videos and sounds randomly
    ~ 3rd phone

    • Well, sorry to hear that. Maybe you got a janky model?

      Mine has actually worked perfectly, and I’ve only had one. I’ve had it for about 2 years, too. :]
      I loveee this phone.

  3. MY alias was in the rain for 6 days in the middle of the grass and it was 1 and half old and the battery and phone were SOAKED and i pluggged it and it works exactly fine and i reviece everything :)

  4. i was going to get this phone in 2 weeks, then i looked at the samsung glyde. i don’t know which one to pick. someone please help me.

    • i heard the samsung glyde is terrible! and after a while the speaker will stop working on the alias ( it happened to me and it isnt fixible!!!!!!) you wood have to get a new phone.

  5. I just got this phone 2 days ago. Now for the second time the charge port will not charge. GREAT and now I’m about to go out for the night and Verizon is closed. That sucks that this phone has already dissapointed me in just 2 days.

    • Andrea, I’m sorry to hear that. I wonder if you can find a charger at RadioShack? Or perhaps you’re on east coast time which might mean everything has already closed.

  6. Absolutely love this phone! Had the 740 for over a year before I upgraded to the Alias (after mine took an unfortunate spin through the wash). This phone can take quite a bit of abuse, I was worried when I purchased the 740, what with the side hinge but it is surprisingly sturdy!

    The Alias is the same as the 740 apart from the silver casing and half moon colored number keys. (The guy at the store claimed that the Alias has some software updates – but whatever – works the same for me.) Yes, the keys are on the small side, but once you get used to them they’re not an issue. The camera has always worked fabulously for me, and I’ve not had any of the aforementioned issues with calling or texting.

    My father has the 740 and his had the tendency to shut off on it’s own, he took it in to the Verizon store and they replaced it right there for him. No issues with his new phone, apart from the continual texts from him – he’s become a texting fool since getting this phone!

  7. hello! my dog unfortunatly ate my lg chocolate! haha i recommend that if u want a music phone.. but not for anything else.. unless u like slippery and sensitive phones. that was my first phone. now i hope to get this one.

  8. ohkay i’ve had the alias for maybe a year or so. ive went through three of them, because they kept breaking, and trust me it wasnt my fault. they’d randomly restart in the middle of a text message, or while attempting to receive a pic/video message. right now all im waiting for is the contract to be up so i can upgrade it. the one i currently have, has a huge crack on the front screen because i i sat on it, and i only weigh like 120 pounds, it shouldnt break. personally i think the phones cheep. if anythne thinks about getting it, DONT! you just have to trust me, you’ll regret ever buying it.

  9. I’ve had the Alias for a while and, while I love it for texting, it is just not that reliable a phone. Sure, it handles being dropped VERY well, but before I ever dropped it, my front screen broke from the inside. Also, I can only call people and receive calls on speaker phone. I suppose it handles being dropped well because there’s nothing left to break XD. The camera isn’t the best, either. Overall, a good phone for kids and teenagers, and that’s the extent of it.

  10. corie, if you still have the phone. and ever look at this site again… i have a tip. i have arcrylics too but if you turn your thumbs and text with the outside corner texting works beautifully.

  11. i have had this phone sense january, however im on my third alias sense then. I do love this phone its easy to text with and the camera and sound is amazing! but my phone will not charge, for some reason the charging port keeps breaking and then it randomly shuts off. also when i talk on the phone it cuts in and out all the time when i have full service and the other person also has full or close to full. another problem i have had is with the chargers…my home charger the wires keep getting pulled out and im not straining on the wires at all and i have had two car charges and the plastic that covers the prat that gets pulgged into the phone completely falls apart as soon as i plugged it in the first time! in order for my phone to charge i have to literally wrap my phone in the wires once it is plugged in! i love the phones appearence but the charging is horrible….

  12. I like the alias for the huge screen and quality of the camera.. plus all the bells and whistles.. BUT.. the BUTTOINS are so small!! and i have acrylics so its kind of hard to text but i guess i’ll get used to it in time

  13. i recently got my alias 1.5 weeks ago and i love it to death…but i lost it today!! i wish there was a way to track it from the internet!!!

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