Rip Server Black
Ripserver has long been in the prosumer game providing the necessary technology for companies to ‘rip’ massive amounts of music. Today they’ve announced the availability of their consumer level rip station called the ‘Ripserver’. Setup and operation sound super simple. Just toss in a CD and within minutes the Ripserver will copy the music (MP3 or Flac encoding), download artwork, and add the necessary tags. A monitor isn’t mandatory for use – although there is a VGA out – as the Ripserver is intended for shared network use (it’s an NAS or Network Attached Storage) via its Gigabit Ethernet connection, and you’ll need to access its configuration via a web browser for initial up and running. Runs on Linxus so expect a very stable environment and it’s compatible with most popular music networking devices (e.g. Sonos, Slim Devices, Roku, PS3, etc). Available now in black or white, and comes in two sizes: 500GB ($1190) and 1TB ($1390). If that isn’t enough space for you, then add on an external drive via USB.

More info here.

Christen Costa

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