Monthly Archives: March 2008

Real World Ray Gun (video)


[GR]J1w4g2vr7B4[/GR] I caught this on 60 Minutes Sunday night. The Ray Gun is the real deal as you’ll see depicted in this 60 minutes piece (this version has been edited for online). The ray gun penetrates 1/64 of an inch of your body – just below your skin and leaves...

Jet Powered Minivan (videos)


“Are we there yet?” will soon be a forgotten kid nagging phrase thanks to the Jet Turbine Powered van. It’s a turbine which should mean the jet’s power is converted to the tires unlike a normal jet engine, which is thrust driven. There’s a multitude of videos, but be sure...

3G iPhone Late June Or July 2008 (rumor)


Crunchgear is further disseminating a Fox News report that the 3G iPhone will appear either June 24 or July 1st. Fox isn’t exactly known for their accurate or ‘fair and balanced’ reporting, but then again the iPhone doesn’t influence any political competitions…or does it? I’ve heard that a 3G and...

Apple Succeeds Dell In Laptop Sales…Sort Of


The ‘sort of’ because Apple managed to eclipse Dell in laptop sales to ‘higher education’ only, in 2007. That means people studying at the degree or college level. This stat was further affirmed by Oklahoma Christian University who has moved away from Dell laptops and offered a program that allows...

Samsung Intros All New LCDs


Samsung introduced a whole new slew of monitors in their BX line today, capable of displaying in a landscape or wide angle mode (16:10 or 10:16). Sizes range from 17″ to 22″ and include a fully articulating stand for height and angle control. Additionally, they feature an ‘ultraslim’ bevel at...

NEC Introduces Wireless Projector


NEC unvelied an ultra bright projector today called the NP3151W – the W stands for Widescreen. Weighing in with up to 5000 lumens (that should read ‘super bright’) this LCD tighten of a projector is intended for boardrooms and conference room, and can display a 40 to 500 inch screen...

LG Voyager Review (Verizon Wireless)


By Ian S. Gertler Does the LG Voyager (from Verizon Wireless) Offer A Worthwhile Mobile Journey? What’s your mobile destination? If it’s a phone that delivers interesting functionality, superior service and great applications, get ready — LG and Verizon Wireless are ready to take you on a wireless voyage. Welcome...

A More Efficient LED Discovered


A Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute student has created a new type of LED that better harnesses the emitted light and could possibly improve current LCD screens. Called Polarized LEDs, Martin Shubert discovered that standard LEDs already produced this type of light it was just a question of controlling the light and...

Firefox Going Mobile


Mozilla is planning to go mobile with Firefox by year’s end according to Mobilitytoday. Cost to you: $0. Plans are in the works to get it on embedded Linux (e.g. Android, RAZR, etc) and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. They’ve been in talks with Samsung and are working with chip designers ARM...

Mercedes Unveils Lithium-Ion Hybrid


Daimler Chrysler is set to introduce an automotive first: integration of a lithium-ion battery into a passenger car. Planned for production in the 2009 BlueHYBRID, the lithium-ion technology is possible thanks to 25 patents now held by Daimler. Lithium-ion is more efficient and smaller than current nickel-metal batteries found into...

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