Absolut Machines
Absolut Vodka’s new marketing campaign involves two massive machines and you. That’s right, you. It’s all pretty crazy and grandiose, but essentially two MIT grads have built two huge machines, one located in NYC and one in Stockholm. The first is machine is The Absolut Quartet, and is what they’ve called a “multi-instrumental music-making machine”. Through the use of art and technology they’ve created the “equivalent of a classic human quartet”. The machine is made up of 3 robotic musicians and when you log in you become the 4th musician, leading them by what you play. The other machine, the Absolut Choir, is 22 “characters” (they’re actually sculptures) of varying size each containing their own unique synthetically produced voice. You type words and sentences and “inspire members of the choir to sing”. Interaction with both machines is enhanced with 4 live web cameras.

Check it out here (warning: the site is the inverse of Web 2.0).

More pics and video after the ‘leap’


Thanks Nick!

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