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Firewinder Windpowered LED Light

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Firewinder is not only neat looking, but also conveys the power of ‘green energy‘ to on lookers. The light features LEDs wrapped around the device in a horizontal manner. When the wind blows the LEDs are powered on and spin to form a mesmerizing source of light. The LEDs intensity...

Bank Of America Predicts 3G iPhone


When will the rumors and predictions stop? Probably when Apple produces a 3G iPhone. Bank Of America analyst Scott Craig thinks Apple will produce a small number of 3G iPhones (3 million) come Q2 2008 and launch a big production build (8 million) in Q3 when demand has risen. Apple...

Finger Piano


Recently we’ve seen a number of music apps emerge for the iPhone. But what about all those kids that can’t afford the iPhone and don’t have the maturity to take care of it? The Finger Piano, which is actually designed for kids, features keys on each finger and a few...

Japanese Dentristry and Robots


[GR]2lIJtFMp2Bo[/GR] I guess Japanese dentistry students don’t practice on humans but on robots! The Simroid (aka Pain Girl) reacts when the student drills too far or too deep, and hits a nerve. As one Youtube commenter pointed out “u can do SO MUCH MORE with that then just practice dentistry”....

iPot Emails and Texts Hot Water Usage


The iPot appears – the translated page isn’t accurate – to be hot a water/coffee maker that can email or text its usage to a preprogrammed handset. According to the garbled copy, the device is geared towards the elderly and children. I’m not sure if you can control the device...

Absolut Unveils New Marketing Campaign: Absolut Machines


Absolut Vodka’s new marketing campaign involves two massive machines and you. That’s right, you. It’s all pretty crazy and grandiose, but essentially two MIT grads have built two huge machines, one located in NYC and one in Stockholm. The first is machine is The Absolut Quartet, and is what they’ve...

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