Daily Archives: March 26, 2008

Personal Airplane Air Filters


Unlike “Airborne”, the manufactures of the PlaneCleanAir filters don’t make any grandiose claims that it will stop colds while traveling. What they do claim, though, is that it will filter out 99.5% of bacteria carried in airplane air vents. The filters attach to most Airbus and Boeing nozzles and not...

325-Foot Floating Island


Why bother visiting the island when you can ride it, right? Wallyisland (perhaps an ode to the Griswalls) is a behemoth of a boat measuring 325 feet and offers a customizable main deck that can be outfitted with tennis courts, swimming pools, trees, helipads, and more. Does 17.5 knots, can...

Watch Sports Touchscreen, Phone, and More


The DigitalRist D-RiseTM m600i is quite simply out of control. Not only is it unlocked for use with any SIM card, but it rocks a touchscreen, a 1.3 megapixel camera, mp3 player, voice recorder, Bluetooth, expandable from 60mb to 512mb flash memory, and more. What, no GPS? The only draw...

GTA 4 Multiplayer Screen Shots Leaked


Check it: Grand Theft Auto 4 multiplayer screen shots (not confirmed). I’ve pulled the ones that depict characters with screen names hovering over their head (there were others, but those looked to be single player). More pics after the ‘leap’...

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