Daily Archives: March 17, 2008

The Rubik’s Cube USB Hub


One of the inherent problems with a multitude of USB cords plugged in to your computer is reaching in between them to unplug or plug them in. This USB hub takes an innovative approach and allows each input to spin 180 degrees enabling easy access. It also folds up for...

Microsoft Surface Wine Bar Demo (video)


[GR]H9KmKbCz254[/GR] At first glance the demo appears to be nothing special. But once the demo get’s into the ordering part, and you realize that the Surface is the actual table you’ll be sitting at, it’s pretty damn cool. Just watch the video already!...

Unusual Fire Extinguisher


Today’s fire extinguishers do one thing: put out fires. But what about when you’re caught in an inferno with so much smoke you can’t breath to react? This no name concept does just that. At the core of the system is an oxygen tank, which can be replenished using the...

Stretched Ferrari


This first thing that popped into my mind was “how’s the cornering on this thing”. What you see is a stretched 2000 Ferrari 360, which seats about 8 people. What’s really cool is its two giant electric gull wing doors that allow easy access for you and all your drunk...

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