Daily Archives: March 13, 2008

Wireless On/Off Surge Protector


As first glance the Belkin Conserve is just another surge protector. Not so. The device includes 8 outlets. 2 of them are always turned on, like a normal surge protector. The other 6 can be toggled on/off with a wireless switch that can be mounted anywhere. Definitely not ideal for...

Temperature Sensitive LED Shower Light

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So we’ve seen the temperature sensitive faucet light, but that’s useless for those with stand alone showers. The Temperature Sensitive LED Shower Light does exactly what you’d think: emits red when hot and blue when cold. The only problem is that it emits red at a single threshold: 89 F....

Burn Some Aggression With the USB Punch Head


Do you ever get that spinning colored wheel featured in the Mac OS?  If you’re like me, it drives you nuts and you just wanna bitch slap someone something.  Well, I think I’ve found the solution: the Punch Head.  It connects to your computer by USB and detects the power...

Portable Laser Show


Ok, so these devices are nothing new, but none have ever looked so cool – it’s got the ‘whole reentered Earth’s atmosphere’ thing going on. The Red Hot Laser Light Show requires four AA batteries and inclues a built-in microphone, which reacts to music and sound. Available here. [BBgadgets]...

X-Wing Fighter Car

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 What looked to be a Honda Sol (ya, remember those hideous things) is now an X-Wing fighter – or A-wing – minus the wings.  The R2 unit and cockpit details are beyond geekdom. [Geekstir]...

Apple To Release DVR

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A new patent filing shows that Apple will finally release a useful home media center solution: a digital video recorder. The patents not only indicates that you’ll be able to record up coming shows and stream video from the iTunes story, but you’ll be able to program the device from...

New $5 Dollar Bill – Holla!


Expect the new $5 bill to enter into circulation this Thursday. Fittingly, the new bill will be used at President Lincoln’s Cottage at a sort of inauguration. The biggest changes are more color on its face and a large obscene ‘5’ on the back. Other features include small yellow ’05s’...

HSDPA Modem Doubles As A TV Reciever


Huwei newest device, the E510 does double duty as a HSDPA modem and a digital TV receiver. Unfortunately, at the time of release at Germany’s CEBIT they didn’t announce which TV standard they’ve adopted – propbably Europe’s DVB-H since they currently manufacture Vodafone’s 3G modems. Connects via USB and should...

Key Chain Solar Panel


The only thing that makes Brando ‘s Solar Powered Key Chain a key chain, is the key ring attachment – come on, it’s almost the same size as the pictured cell phone. Still for $22.00 it ain’t half bad, and it will surely impress the ladies at the beach in...

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