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Acer Unveils Aspire Gemstone Blue Laptop

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I’m an Apple fan, so you can imagine how tough it is to win me over. The Apsire Gemstone Blue is looking pretty attractive and it’s got the guts to prove it. Included in the machine is a Blu-ray high def DVD player, Dolby Digital out, and what Acer calls...

Wasabi Smoke Detector


We’re all familiar with Wasabi, the spicy green stuff that’ll bring a tear to the toughest man’s eye. Researchers in Japan are developing a smoke alarm system that will emmit a sprayed version of the condiment in the event of a detected fire. The system is targeted at the deaf...

Thanko Motorized TV Stand


Playing Guitar Hero 3 requires me to stand such that I can my best guitar moves on. The first few plays are always crap because I have to acclimate to looking down at the TV – an awkward angle if you know what I mean. The Thanko Motorized TV Stand...

EmporiaLife Phone For Seniors


EmporiaLife (ya, that’s the name of the phone) is a cell phone targeted at senior citizens. It’s a slider and sports a monochrome screen, huge ass buttons, flashlight, alarm clock, and a big red button on the back for making emergency calls. The screen defaults to the contact list and...

Electronic Post-It Note


For a mere $175 you can build your own electronic Post-It note. Doesn’t sound that cheap to me, but there probably isn’t a cheaper or cooler commercial solution. Checkout the ‘how to’ on Popsci. (Image courtesy of Ubergizmo)...

InFocus Releases New 1080p DLP Projector: IN83


Looking like the IN82, the IN83 has been updated with a Texas’ instruments DarkChip4 combined with BrilliantColor. It projects in a 2.35:1 widescreen ratio and won’t require an external scaler for up or downconversion. It also sports HDMI 1.3 Deep Color which can apparently produce over 1.3 billion colors, a...

Handgun Disguised As A Flashlight


I love the guy in the video. His ‘realworld’ scenario for use of the device is walking the dog or getting the mail when you run into some trouble. That’s gotta be one tough neighborhood. Nonetheless, the FM9 from Magupul is in fact a Gloc handgun wrapped in a unfoldable...

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