Daily Archives: March 11, 2008

The Holux M-241 Helps You Tag Your Digital Photos


One of the inherent problems with digital photos is keeping tracking of them. Ideally the camera would figure out whose in the scene and tag accordingly. For now, our best bet is a GPS logger, such as the Holux M-241 (resembles a Kodak analog film roll). Just slip the device...

In-Flight WiFi This Spring

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Soon, WiFi, or ‘Gogo’ will be available on American Airline and Virgin American flights originating in NYC and heading towards LA, SF, or Miami according to Gigaom. Aircell, the company behind the in-flight WiFi is feverishly working around the clock to prepare 15 of AA’s 767s and all of Virigina...

Dog Alarm


If you don’t want the hassle of a real dog (i.e. picking up poop, the cost, etc), but would like the protection, then ‘Secure Dog’ has you covered. The proximity alarm utilizes microwaves to see through walls, and when an intruder approaches within 20 feet the alarm emits a German...

Remote Controlled Shower Head


Apparently the days of controlling your shower head by hand (i.e. manual adjustment) are near end of life, at least according to New Form.  The Wall or Ceiling Mounted Shower head includes a remote control for controlling who knows what and also includes such features as a radio, chomotherapy (what...

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