Daily Archives: March 10, 2008

Save Your Marriage Toilet Seat


Hard to believe, but women hate to fall into the toilet. No really, they can’t stand it, especially when their husband or loved one leaves the seat up after a 6 pack of Silver Bullets. Well, fear not guys, because the Flipper Toilet Seat Raising Pedal has you covered. Just...

New WiMax Chip Emerges & Is More Efficient Than Intels


Altair Semiconductor is stepping into the 4G arena by developing WiMax chips. They claim their chips are more efficient than their competitor’s, using 3 times less energy, and are really small measuring just 7mm (I assume squared). The chips will be shown off later this year and will be ideal...

Sleek iPhone Incase Hardshell With Quickchange Bottom


By now we’ve all seen a million cases for the iPhone. The Incase Slider is particularly attractive because it includes a hard case that protects the back and outer rim of the iPhone, and includes a removable bottom panel to expose the dock connector. It’s lined with rubber to prevent...

Transformer Like Car


So it’s not like the whole car transforms, but at least it’s more than meets the eye, right?  As you can see, the Skoda Twindoor, based on the VW Passat incorporates two different trunk styles into one car: hatchback and the good old regular trunk style found in sedans.  The...

Blu-ray And Apple


According to Macworld, we should expect Blu-ray players to appear in Apple products later this year. This news comes by way of the Financial times, which confirmed that Sony’s US president, Stan Glasgow was in talks with Apple and Microsoft regarding the Blu-ray high def format....

Phoneshield: Protect Your Neck From Harmful Radiation


Although I am pretty sure the Quartz Phoneshield doesn’t work, the manufactures claim it’ll reduce the harmful side effects of radiation, which are fatigue, tiredness, reduced concentration, disturbed vision, etc, from cell phones – it’s scientifically proven according to the copy on the site.  I can’t find any close up...

Build Lego Concepts On The iPhone


Just in time for the iPhone SDK, Playnyc-inc has dreamt up the LEGO Touch. You can build, play games (i.e. build off), share designs with friends and much more all in a ‘cover flow’ like layout. Currently the LEGO Touch project is ‘non produced and has been entered into the...

Intel Classmate PC (pics)

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Aving snapped a hanful of pics of Intel’s Classmate PC using SanDisk’s 2GB solid state drive (uSSD 5000) . The Classmate is a rugged laptop designed for ’emerging markets’....

Sprint Intros Super Fast Phone


Sprint has updated the software on the HTC Mogul to enable EV-DO Rev. A. This will enable the Smartphone to achieve download speeds of 600 – 1400 Kbps and upload speeds of 350 – 500 Kb per second. Previously the HTC Mogul was only compatible with EV-DO Rev. 0 which...

Use Your SATA Hard Drive With Your PS3


If you’re running low on space on your PS3’s HD and have a 3.5″SATA HDD, then you’ll want this cable to connect the two and expand your storage.  Looks like it’s probably only available in Japan, but if you get over there the model number is CRGM-BK2 and it’s made...

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