Daily Archives: March 9, 2008

iPhone DJ App (video)


[GR]-ihU-ZD80pA[/GR] Ok, now I am definitely getting the band back together, or at least the band I always dreamt of. In addition to the iAno, Drummer, and the iPhone Guitar, I introduce to you the Mixmeister Scratch DJ interface for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Just pick your song, your...

A Camera That Sees Through Clothing

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A British company has developed a video camera that can see right through your clothing at up to 80 feet away using what they call “passive image technology”. According to Reuters, the Thruvision T5000 camera won’t show any body traits (remember the Night Vision DV camera debacle), is harmless, and...

Another Cell Phone Sized Projector

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Friday I posted some satirical like ads from the folks at Microvision, you know the ones building the ultra small Pico projectors to be used in cell phones. Well, it looks like 3M has emerged as a contender in the ultra-ultra portable projector market, although they’ve yet to name the...

Sleek & Compact Charging Tray For Any Device


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten fed up with the rat’s nest of cords created from charging all my devices. Bluelounge’s Multi-device (and they mean multi) Charging Tray clears the cord clutter by neatly integrating it into one box with up to 10 adapters: Nokia, Samsung, Audiovox,...

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