Daily Archives: March 6, 2008

Lightning GT All Electric Car


With a purported 700hp, the Lightning GT might be the most powerful all electric vehicle to hit the consumer market. Its body is crafted from carbon fiber and Kevlar, and can hit 0 – 60 in 4 seconds. No word on range, but the package includes a home and optional...

Jean Inspired Cell Phone


Levi’s, yes the jeans maker, stepped into the digital world today with the introduction of ‘The Original’ cell phone. Looking more late 1990s then, well now, The Original was outdated before it was announced. Ok, maybe its not that bad, as it sports a 2 megapixel camera, weighs just 98g,...

Marijuana Vending Machine

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Before you go getting all excited and thinking you can drive to the next ‘7-11′ to score a bag of the ‘kind’, think again. The Marijuana vending machines are intended to serve customers who already have a prescription and have prepaid. The machines simply enable patients to pick up their...

Cell Phone With Built-in Bluetooth Headset


I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for a cell phone like this. Called the Mooon+ (yes, 3 ‘os’), the device’s mouth piece doubles as a Bluetooth headset, and when it’s plugged into the phone it charges. Battery life might be a concern, but come on, we all...

Badass Rocking Chair


The Rocking Wheel Chair (I don’t know why ‘wheel’) doesn’t look super comfy, but since it appears to be a single seamless frame and includes a built-in light it deserves a ‘showing’ at the MOMA. [Gallery=16] [Behance]...

Kliener Perkins Creates $100 Million Fund For Apple SDK Builders


Called the iFund, Kleiner Perkins has pledged $100 million towards the developers of iPhone applications. The venture fund will look for apps that are “marketing-changing ideas” and focus on areas such as location based services, social networking, mobile commerce, communication, and entertainment (pretty much everything if you ask me). [News]...

Voicetunes For iTunes Seems Pointless

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Voicetunes fulfills a need that most of us don’t require the ability to vocally tell our iTunes what to do. Also, in case they didn’t know, Apple computers can already be controlled by voice, just access the feature in your System Preferences>Speech. [Crave]...

Kids Mini Touchscreen ATM Is Toy Meets Business

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The genesis of saving money isn’t a complicated one: get piggy bank, grow up, open bank account. But in today’s digital world that just doesn’t seem fitting. Zillion’s ‘Touch Screen ATM’ gives all the money lessons your kid will ever need to become the next big time banker Mommy and...

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