Daily Archives: March 5, 2008

Sprint Intros Realtime Captioning Of Telephone Calls


SprintNextel intro’d a new service today for the hard-of-hearing. Sound’s counter intuitive given hard-of-hearing and phone calls hardly go hand-in-hand, right? Wrong. Called CapTel, the new service dictates word-for-word what is said between callers and displays it on screen. Available to all Sprint customer (includes landline and cell phones) in...

Olympus E-420 Is The World’s Smallest Digital SLR Camera


Olympus introduced the world’s smallest Digital SLR camera on the market today. Measuring just 5.1-inches by 3.6-inches by 2.1-inches and weighing a mere 13.4oz, the E-420 looks more point and shoot then power house SLR. Included in the package is a 2.7″ LCD screen, a 10-megapixel Live-MOS sensor, and optionally...

Optimus Tactus: Touchscreen Keyboard


As you know, Art Lebedev finally started shipping the first Optimus keyboards a few weeks ago, but only to customers that ordered over a year ago. The original Optimus is in fact a bunch of mini OLED screens jammed into key sized boxes. Well, their newest concept, the Optimus Tactus,...

The Hand Crank Lamp

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When the power goes out there are a few options: flashlights/battery operated lights, or candles. Candles aren’t practical with kids, and chances are the batteries are half dead from the last power outage. I know the hand cranked flashlights exists, but it doesn’t provide true ambient light. Designed by Efrain...

Ripserver: Super Powered Consumer Level Music Ripping Server


Ripserver has long been in the prosumer game providing the necessary technology for companies to ‘rip’ massive amounts of music. Today they’ve announced the availability of their consumer level rip station called the ‘Ripserver’. Setup and operation sound super simple. Just toss in a CD and within minutes the Ripserver...

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