Daily Archives: March 2, 2008

Mercedes Unveils Lithium-Ion Hybrid


Daimler Chrysler is set to introduce an automotive first: integration of a lithium-ion battery into a passenger car. Planned for production in the 2009 BlueHYBRID, the lithium-ion technology is possible thanks to 25 patents now held by Daimler. Lithium-ion is more efficient and smaller than current nickel-metal batteries found into...

One Very Special Scientific Rock (video)

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By now you’re probably wondering why the hell am I featuring a rock on GR. The answer is quite simple in fact. This ain’t a rock. Nope, it’s an object crafted from man – two men to be exact and 1000 of hours of painstaking work. The Gomboc is in...

Turn Your iPod Into A Digital VCR


This little ditty turns your iPod into a digital VCR. Just plug the iRecorder into your iPod and TV, satellite or cable box via A/V cords and hit record to capture the onscreen action. For every 1 gig of free space you’ll get 3 hours of recording time in an...

iPhone Drum Machine: Drummer (video)


Getting the band back together has never been easier thanks to MooCowMusic. Why? Well, we’ve seen the iAno and the iPhone Guitar, and now there’s “Drummer”, the iPhone drum machine. It’ll require all that Jailbroken goodness (unless they’re waiting for the SDK to take it out of private beta), but...

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