Monthly Archives: March 2008

USB Cassette Deck


Cassette decks are just about equitable to the stone ages, especially with the immersion of high def DVD.  The Plusdeck-EX converts your favorite analog cassette tapes to MP3 via USB.  It can also handle records, radio and more all thanks to its USB sound card, which also allows you to...

Samsung Alias (Verizon Wireless)


Verizon announced the Alias today, an updated version of the Samsung SCH-u740. The Alias is a dual hinge flip phone and will feature a silver finish and a more easy to read QWERTY keyboard. The Alias will be available April 2008 for $130 with a two year year and $50...

New Spin On ‘TP’ Dispenser


Every once in a while a design emerges that sets the new standard for an everyday product. The toilet paper dispenser is one of those products that has remained virtually unchanged for God knows how many years until now. The Eva Solo TP holder attaches to the wall on one...

Spoon Scale


When I cook I’m trying to complete my meal in the quickest time possible. Sometimes weighing and measuring the ingredients can be the largest hindrance to an expeditious meal. Enter the Spoon Scale. Shaped just like an everyday spoon, it features a built-in scale that can switch between ounces and...

Hidden Compartment Shoe


Have you ever gone running without any pockets? Sucks don’t it, especially if you’ve gotta take your house keys with you. Although I think these shoes are intended for walking only (hence the name), they include a hidden compartment in the left shoe’s midsole for storing keys, credit cards, cash...

Dell Announces Sub $1000 Laptop With Blu-ray


If you’re on the market for a laptop and ready to make the jump to HD movies, then check out Dell’s Inspiron 1525 laptops. Starting at $499, they include an optional Blu-ray drive and come in a variety of colors: Sunshine Yellow, Midnight Blue, and more. By the time you...

Firewinder Windpowered LED Light

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Firewinder is not only neat looking, but also conveys the power of ‘green energy‘ to on lookers. The light features LEDs wrapped around the device in a horizontal manner. When the wind blows the LEDs are powered on and spin to form a mesmerizing source of light. The LEDs intensity...

Bank Of America Predicts 3G iPhone


When will the rumors and predictions stop? Probably when Apple produces a 3G iPhone. Bank Of America analyst Scott Craig thinks Apple will produce a small number of 3G iPhones (3 million) come Q2 2008 and launch a big production build (8 million) in Q3 when demand has risen. Apple...

Finger Piano


Recently we’ve seen a number of music apps emerge for the iPhone. But what about all those kids that can’t afford the iPhone and don’t have the maturity to take care of it? The Finger Piano, which is actually designed for kids, features keys on each finger and a few...

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