Zeki Phone
“Get ‘em young, and get ‘em early”. That’s practically the doctrine that every good marketer lives by. Young Toys, based out of Korea, must have written the doctrine because they just announced what might be the most innovative, cunning, and parent revolting (or in heartening) device ever released. The Zeki (aka ‘kid use digital toy phone’) runs off near field communication, and allows parent and child to communicate at up to 80 meters. NFC is designed for much closer use – were talking centimeters – so I am not sure how they squeezed 240 feet out of it. It also supports data exchange, MP3s, voice and video recording, SMS and alarm functions. Crafted from ‘harmless materials’, and a supposed anti-electromagnetic wave device, the Zeki goes for 99,500 KRW ($105).

Based on the video after the ‘leap’, it looks like the phone is centered around tweens and gaming. Zeki Phone

More info here (in Korean).

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