Sonim XP1
You ever have those moments where you just wanna smash your cell phone? Perhaps you got fired or stubbed your big toe. Outbursts of anger aren’t uncommon, but getting shot with a Glock 9mm is. Say what? Sonim has built a virtually indestructible cell phone. The XP1 has endured being in cased in cement, frozen, attached to fireworks (wonder if they tried an M80) and yes, you guessed it, shot with a Glock 9mm pistol. The Triband GSM candybar handset comes in black, yellow, or gray and includes walkie-talkie functionality in addition to a few other features. The Sonim XP1 is currently on show at the 2008 World Mobile Congress where they’ve invited the media to test their claim. According to the product page, they’ll do a ‘same day in store replacement’. Anyone know where they sell these things?

Sonim Xp1 Comparison Chart

Product page here.

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