Interstate Traveler Pod
Ann Arbor, Michigan has been on a green project ‘tear’ lately. Earlier this year they began by replacing all standard streetlights with LEDs. Now they’ve got a project on the books called The Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Highway. The state of Michigan hopes to connect Ann Arbor and Detroit using a raised railway like system that combines Maglev, Hydrogen and Solar Power technology. The system, called the ‘rail conduit cluster’, will be zero emission and carry cars, people, and even distribute electricity, water, liquid waste, fiber optics, hydrogen, oxygen (not sure what this would be used for) and other fuels. The project’s brainchild is NEWTY award recipient Justin Eric Sutton. They’ve even designed an ‘active floor restraint’ for loading cars and cargo. The construction is set to start this year.

More pics and details after the ‘leap’

Update: According Megan Owens, the Exectuive Director, Transportation Riders United of Detroit this story is incorrect.  “Your story about a maglev train being built in Ann Arbor is wrong.  The idea is neat, but Ann Arbor officials confirm that there is no truth to this rumor.”

Interstate Traveler Mock Up

Interstate Traveler Cluster

Interstate Traveler Active Floor Restraint

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